2016 was grueling. I am sorry for barely updating my fonts, blog, and other social media channels. I also profoundly apologize for the emails having not been replied. As a headway in 2017, I am trying to work more on them.

If you ever wrote me e-mails requesting for permission to use my fonts, here are the guidelines regarding the use of fonts:

1. All my fonts are donationware. They are generally free, but a fair amount of donation as an appreciation for the use will be nice. You can donate to my PayPal address: marsnev@marsnev.com.

2. For every lucrative use, you are required to contact me via e-mail to get the license. I have a concern of not licensing the use of fonts for bad or illegal contents, such as supporting drug use, pornography, infringement, etc. I hope my fonts can make a better world and the society within, not destroy them.

3. For every lucrative use, the donation is also never obligatory. I set no fixed price as I never know how much my fonts help the business. You may donate the amount you think I deserve. Some big companies may not make donations, and for which I can provide an invoice or sign a pact. I also lend a hand for you who are struggling with your start-ups by providing fine fonts, and I am good if you might want to donate later when you have gained your profit.

4. For every non-lucrative use, educational use, and charity, you can use them for free.

5. Your feedback and appreciation are really meaningful to me. They support me to do better in this scene. If you cannot make a donation, you can still support me by following my social media channels or crediting me on your works.

Thank you for being supportive,

copyright 2016 . marsnev